Positive Thinking Negative Thinking!



In olden times, two farmers lived in a village. Both were very poor, both had a small amount of land, both worked hard and used to maintain their own and their families.

Suddenly after some time, both of them died on the same day on the same day. Yamraj took both of them together to God. Both of them were brought to God. God looked at them and asked them, “Now what do you want, what was lacking in this life of yours, now what made you to send me back to the world.”

Hearing the talk of God, one of the farmers said angrily, “O God! You gave me very poor life in this birth. You did not give me anything. All my life, I have worked in fields like a bull, whatever I earned, I just spent my stomach to feed, nor was I ever able to wear good clothes nor feed my family good food.

Whoever earned money, someone used to come and take me away and nothing came in my hand. See what kind of animal life I have. ”

After listening to him, God remained silent for some time and asked the farmer again, “So what do you want now, what should I make you in this birth?”

Hearing the question of God, the farmer said again, “God, do something that I never have to give anything to anyone.” I only got money from all sides. ”

The farmer got quiet after saying his words. Listened to God and said, “Yes, you can go now, I will give you the life as you have asked me.”

After he left, God again asked the other farmer, “You tell me what you want to become, what was lacking in your life, what do you want?”

The farmer folded his hands in front of God and said, “Oh God. You gave me everything, what do I ask of you. You gave me a good family, gave me some land on which I worked hard and gave my family a good life. You gave me and my family plenty of food to eat. (Thinking)


Me and my family never slept hungry. There was only one shortcoming in my life, which I regretted my whole life and still is today. Sometimes some hungry and thirsty people used to come to my door. To ask for food, but sometimes I was not able to give them food due to lack of food, and they used to return hungry from my door. Saying this, he fell silent. ” (Thinking)

God heard him and asked him, “So what do you want now, what should I make you in this birth.” The farmer pleaded with God, folding his hands, “Lord! You do something that no one will ever go thirsty from my door. ” God said, “And you go, there will never be any hungry thirsty from your door.” (Thinking)

Now both of them were born again in the same village. Both grew up. The first person who told God that he got only money from all sides and I never had to give anything to anyone, that person became the biggest beggar of that village. Now he did not have to give anything to anyone, and whoever used to come would go to his pocket. (Thinking)

And the other person who told the Lord that he did not want anything, only that there should never be any hungry thirsty from his door, he became the richest man of that village. (Thinking)

It is very important to be satisfied in the story that God has given. It is often seen that all the people always like other things more and in this affair, they also do not live their life well. Every thing has two aspects – positive and negative, now it depends on your thinking whether you see things negatively or positively. If you want to live a good life, make your thinking good, do not make up any shortcomings in things, rather enjoy what God has given and always have service towards others !!

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