Sharing The Misfortune

Brother-Brothers are for Sharing the Misfortune and not for the Division of Property

Sharing The Misfortune

Ram, Lakshmana, Bharata, and Shatrughna is a childhood episode of the four brothers. When these people used to play, Lakshmana followed them towards Ram and the frontcourt had Bharata and Shatrughna. Then Laxman always said to Bharat that Ram Bhaiya loves me the most, only then he keeps me with him in his court every time. Sharing the Misfortune

But Bharat would say that no, Ram Bhaiya loves me the most, then he keeps me in the frontcourt so that his eyes are on me every moment. They can see me every moment because they have to turn to see the accompanying person. Then when Bharata bounces the ball towards Ram, Ram deliberately drops the ball and loses. Then they would celebrate by distributing gifts and sweets in the city. Sharing the Misfortune

Everyone asks Ram Ji you have lost, then why are you so happy, speaking of Rama, my Bharat has won. Then people would think, when the loser is distributing so much, the brother who wins, does not know what will happen, people go to Bharata. But what is this Bharat is crying with long tears. People asked – Bharat, you have won, then why are you crying? Bharat said – see what irony I have. Sharing the Misfortune

I win whenever I am in front of my lord. I do not want to win from them but I want to lose everything to them. I want to defeat myself and win them. That is why it is said,


“The welfare of the devotee is in losing everything we have to God”

Only by surrendering everything can we attain God. One brother is happy to win over the other brother and the other brother is saddened by winning over his brother.

That is why happiness is not in giving but in giving. The house where brothers and brothers live together. Brother-brother do not take away the right of each other, Ram lives in the same house. Where the elders have respect, the obedience of the elders is obeyed, there is Ram. When one brother gave up the right for the other brother, Ramayana was written. And when one brother killed the other brother, Mahabharata happened. Sharing the Misfortune

That is why real happiness is in giving, not in snatching. We should never take away anyone’s rights, nor resort to lies and dishonesty. Whatever work you do, it has “true loyalty” and this is true life. This is the essence of Ram Katha.

We belong to Ramji and Ramji belongs to us!

Jai Shree Ram

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