Scrooge Seth

The staunch loyalty of Scrooge Seth


One miser was Seth. He lived his life very casually.

He used to spend less than what was required.

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One day it came to his mind that one should recite the pooja. But he again got the idea that if he recites the puja, he will have to spend for it also.

Then he thought why not do the Puja lessons mentally which will not cost anything.

He used to mentally bathe Bal Krishna mentally every morning and make him sit on easy.

He used to perform his aarti and heat milk for him and offered sugar to him by adding sugar.

This was his regular rule, he was not negligent in this. Scrooge Seth

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He would wake up in the morning and would worship Mata Krishnaji regularly.

He felt very good because he did not incur any kind of expenses and worship was also being done.

Thus many years passed while worshiping him. If anyone follows his rules firmly, then those rules are proved.

One day Sethji was late in getting up in the morning, now he got up in a hurry and he got worried that he had not yet offered God. Scrooge Seth

He quickly got out of bath etc. and got Balakrishna Ji bathed mentally.

Then gave them easy and in their heart gave them incense sticks etc. Scrooge Seth

Then the mind went to the kitchen and heated the milk, quickly put it in a glass, and put sugar in it.

That Seth Ji used to add one teaspoon of sugar every day, but due to haste that day, he put 2 teaspoons of sugar instead of 1 teaspoon. Scrooge Seth


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Now Sethji started getting worried that instead of one spoon, he put two spoons, there was a loss of one spoon, while he was doing all this.

Even in mental worship, he felt more than a spoon. Now in his mind, he was taking out that one spoonful of sugar from milk and Balakrishna was watching all this. Scrooge Seth

Now Balakrishna was no longer with him and he appeared, and he held Sethji’s hand and said…

“Oh brother like you, I have not seen the devotees who are indulging themselves in mind and are doing so much misery in that too.

Put 2 spoonfuls of sugar into it. “But I am happy with you because of your devotion and full faith, I give you my full devotion.”

Thus the life of that Sethji became blessed and Seth Ji attained God. Because Seth ji had full devotion that God drinks this milk.

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