Respect for the elderly…


Younger said, “Brother, grandmother has said many times, ever take me to the hotel with you.” Gaurav said, “Take it but how much will it cost to eat four people. Remember, the last time the three of us had dinner, then a bill of sixteen hundred came.

Where are we left with so much money now?” Pinky Told, “I have some money left of pocket money.” Together, the three decided that this time they will also take grandmother, this time they will ask for Mixwage instead of expensive paneer vegetables and will not eat ice cream.

Chhotu, Gaurav and Pinky went to the three grandmother’s rooms and said, “Grandma will take lunch out on this Sunday, will you join us.” Dadi said happily, “You will take it with you.” “Yes Grandma” Sunday Grandma was very happy since morning.

Today, he wore his best suit, did a little makeup, tied hair in a new way. Put new glasses on the eyes with a golden frame. This glasses was given to him by his middle son when he came from London last time. But she did not wear it, she said, it is such a beautiful frame, if I wear it, it will become old. Respect

Today, grandmother had seen herself many times in different mirrors from different angles and was satisfied. When the children came to call grandma, Pinky said, “Oh wow grandmother, today you are looking pretty cute”. Gaurav said, “Today Dadi is wearing golden frame glasses.

What is it that Dadi has even called a boyfriend.” Dadi Sharma said, “Dhat.” The four sat at the center table in the hotel. After a while the waiter came, said, “Order please”. Now Gaurav was about to speak, grandmother said, “Today I will order because today I am a special guest.” Respect

Dadi wrote – Dalmakhni, Kadhaipnir, Malaikofta, Raita Vajetabil Wala, Salad, Papad, Naan Butterwali and Missi Roti. Yes, four soup before dinner too. The three children were looking at each other’s face. After a while the food started on the table. The food was tasty, when everyone had eaten, the waiter came again, “Some heads in the desert”. Grandmother said, “Yes four cups of ice cream”. Respect


The condition of all three children is bad, what will happen now, even grandmother cannot refuse for the first time. Before Bill came, Gaurav raised his hand towards him, Bill took the grandmother and said, “Today I will make the payment. Children, I need your time, not your purse, your company is needed.

I spend the whole day in my room.” I get bored lying alone. How much do I watch TV, how much do I do chatting on mobile. Tell me, kids, will you give me a little time? ” Pinky got up from her chair, filled Grandma in her arms and then kissed Grandma’s cheeks, saying, “My dear grandmother, of course.” Respect

Gaurav said, “Yes grandmother, we promise that you will sit with you every day and it is decided that you will come out for lunch or dinner on the second Sunday of every month and see the picture.” A 1000 watt smile floated on Grandma’s lips, a flashlight flashed in her eyes, and the wrinkles of her face began to dance like a joy … friends, old parents are like cotton knots, initially they The burden is not felt, but with increasing age like cotton starts getting cumbersome. Respect

By the way, life’s fatigue seems a burden. The elderly want no money, they have earned money for their whole life – in their old age you will give them time. If there is no fruit from the tree, no problem, Respect

  • But shade provides comfort.

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