Why is the name of Ram bigger than Ram?


Hanumanji Maharaj became so devoted in the service of Ramji in Ramdarbar that he did not notice the arrival of Guru Vashistha.

Everyone got up and greeted them, but Hanumanji could not.

Vashistha told Ramji that what punishment should be done for insulting Ram Guru by not greeting him in the filled court.

Ram said, Guruvar, you should tell.

Vashistha said death penalty.

Ram said, I accept.

Then Ram Ji said that Gurudev should tell you who committed this crime?

I will tell you that Ram is so dear to you that, you will punish yourself but you will not be able to give it.

Ram said, Gurudev, everyone is equal for Rama. Even if I sacrificed Sita’s wife for the sake of religion, are you still skeptical?

No, Ram! I am not skeptical of you, but I am skeptical when the punishment is complete.

So, if you assure me that you will punish him with death, with his unfailing arrow, then only I will tell the name and crime of the culprit.

Ram again expressed his determination.

Then Vashistha told that Hanuman ji had committed this crime.

Hanumanji accepted.

Then Ramji announced in the court that, on the banks of the Saryu Surya tomorrow, I will punish Hanumanji himself with his unfailing arrow.

Mata Anjani was stunned when she saw Hanumanji’s house in a state of sadness. That my Lal Mahaveer, the lord of incredible force, the storehouse of knowledge, today in this state?

Mother asked repeatedly, but when Hanuman kept quiet, Mother asked for his milk.

Then Hanumanji told that, this episode happened unknowingly.

mother! You know that, no one can kill Hanuman in the whole universe, but no one can escape from Lord Ram’s immense fire.

Then mother said,
Hanuman, I received the “Rama” mantra (name) from Lord Shankar, and gave you this name at birth even after birth.

Due to whose majesty you took the sun as a fruit in your childhood, no one, despite that name Ram, Hanuman, can even let your hair fall.
Even if he is Ram himself.

The power of Rama and the power of Ram’s unfailing power will become insignificant in front of the power of Ram.


Go, my lord, start going on the banks of Saryu and start chanting the name Ram.
Hanumanji, touching the feet of Mother, started to ram Ram Ram Ram Ram on the edge of the earth.

Evening, Rama came to Sarayut with his entire court.

Everyone was worried that, will Ram punish Hanuman?

But when Rama repeatedly wielded Rambana, his great power, amogashakti arrows, but he had no effect on Hanumanji, Guru Vashistha doubted that, Rama, you are using arrows with your full devotion?

So Rama said, yes Gurudev, I am running my arrow to punish the crime against the Guru, how can I commit the same crime by doing any kind of cleverness in it?

So why are your arrows not doing their work?

Then Rama said, Guru Dev Hanuman Ram, Ram is engaged in the ruthless rites of Ram.

The existence of my powers is becoming insignificant in front of the great name of Ram.

None of my efforts are succeeding in this.

You tell me, Guru Dev! What should i do

Guru Dev said, O Ram! From today onwards, I am leaving your court with you, leaving my ashram and going to chant the name Ram.

While leaving, Gurudev Vasistha announced that O Ram! I know and obey. I am announcing that Ram’s name is greater than Ram himself, it is the ocean of great power.

Whoever will chant, write, contemplate, despite his public wish, will be a part of salvation.

I have considered the powers of all mantras to be lower than the name of Rama.

Since then, the name of Rama is bigger than Rama.
Those stones also go to Tir, on which the name Rama is written.

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