Quietness has to come down in life!


The daughter of a king had feelings of disinterest. When the princess was married, the king could not find a suitable groom for her marriage.

The king, after understanding the feelings of the daughter, got her married to a poor monk after much thought.

The king thought that only a monk could appreciate the princess’ feelings.

After marriage, the princess happily came to live in the sannyasin’s hut.

While cleaning the hut, the princess saw two dry loaves in a pot. She asked her ascetic husband why the rotis are kept here.

The sannyas replied that these rotis are kept for tomorrow, if tomorrow no food is found then we will eat each roti.

The princess laughed hearing this reply of the monk. The princess said that my father had married me with you because he feels that you are a recluse just like me, you just do devotion and worry about tomorrow.

A true devotee is one who does not worry about tomorrow and trusts God completely. (quietness)

Even the animals do not worry about the next day, we are human beings. If God wants, we will get food and if we do not get it then we will pray with joy all night.


Saints opened their eyes after hearing these things. He understood that his wife is the real monk. (quietness)

He told the princess that you are the daughter of the king, leaving the palace and came to my small hut, even though I am already a fakir, I was worried about yesterday. There is no ascetic just by saying, Sannyas have to take off in life. You made me understand the importance of quietness.

If we do devotion to God then there should also be faith that God is with us all the time.

He (God) is more worried than us.

Sometimes you are very upset, there is no way out.

You close your eyes and call with confidence, believe the truth, your problem will be solved in a while.
Always be positive

May God always remember Shiva.

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