Life is precious

Life is precious

Life is precious

Alexander was looking for the water that human beings become immortal by drinking.

After wandering in the world for a long time, he finally found the place where he got the Nectar.

​​Amrit water was flowing in front of him, he had bowed down in Anjali to drink the nectar when an old man who was sitting inside that cave said loudly, stop, don’t forget this …! ‘

He was in a state of great misfortune.

Alexander said, “Who are you to stop …?”

The elder replied, .. I was looking for nectar and I had found this cave too !, I drank this nectar!
I can’t die now, but I want to die now …! See my condition … I am blind, my legs are sore, * Look … Now I am screaming … screaming … that someone should kill me, but I cannot be killed!
Now I am praying to God that God may give me death!


Alexander quietly returned out of the cave, without drinking nectar!

Alexander understood that the joy of life
That remains until we are in a position to enjoy that joy! (Life is precious)

So protect your health!
Enjoy life as much as you have got!
Always be happy

There is no one in the world, Alexander is the only time ..

Life is precious… bitter but it is the truth!

You are the whole world for the family!
Your life is priceless

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