Do Not Give Up Your Mind and Keep Practicing Continuously

keep Practicing

Keep Practicing


One person got up early in the morning dressed in clean clothes and walked towards the Satsang house to enjoy the Satsang.
While walking, he stumbled and fell.
Clothes were soaked with mud, came back home.
Changing clothes went back towards Satsang, then stumbled and fell at exactly the same place and came back home to change clothes.
Then proceeded towards Satsang. (Keep Practicing)
When he reached that place for the third time, what does one see is that a person is holding a lamp in his hand and asking him to follow him?
In this way, the person brought him to the door of the Satsang house. The earlier person told him that you too should come in and listen to the Satsang. (Keep Practicing)
But that person stood in the hand holding the lamp and did not enter the Satsang house.
On refusing two or three times, he asked why you are not coming in…?
The other person replied “Because I am Kaal,
Hearing this, the former person was not surprised.
Kaal continued his talk and said that I was the one who dropped you on the ground.
When you changed your clothes at home and went to the Satsang house again, God forgave all your sins. When I dropped you a second time and you went home and changed clothes again and started going again, God forgave the sins of your entire family.
I was afraid that this time if I dropped you and you went to change clothes again, it might not happen that it will forgive the sins of all the people of your village. That’s why I have come here to deliver to you myself. (Keep Practicing)


Now we see that the person did not lose courage even after falling twice and reached the third time again and one is that if a guest comes to our house or if we get any work, then we leave Satsang for him. Chanting leaves. Why …. ???
Because we creatures love the things and relatives of the world more than our God.
He has more attachment to them. On the contrary, the person went home again after falling in the mud twice and changed clothes for the third time and went to the Satsang house. Why … ??? (Keep Practicing)
Because he had a great love for God in his heart. He did not want to let the rules of his ban be broken at any cost.
That’s why Kaal himself took the person to the floor, who dropped him twice in the mud and was obstructing the owner’s closeness, obstructing him! (Keep Practicing)

In the same way, when we sit on Bhajan-Simran, no matter how cunning or how much it obstructs our mind, we should not give up and fight hard.
One day, our own mind will pick us up for Bhajan Simran and will also take the juice in it. (Keep Practicing)
We should also not lose courage nor relax Bhajan Simran for any work. That owner will prove and succeed in our work.
That is why we too should not give up and keep practicing continuously

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