Guru and God

There is a Difference Between a Guru and God

Guru and God

Both God and Guru reached a man’s house. He came out and started falling at the feet. If he fell at the feet of God then God said stop, first go to the Guru’s feet. He ran and went to the Guru’s feet.

Guru said – I have brought God, first go to the feet of God, then he went to the feet of God, then God said – This God has only brought tricks, neither has the Guru told him, so first go to the Guru’s feet.

Then he went to the Guru’s feet. Guru said – No, I have told you no, but who made you? God has created it alone. Therefore go first at the feet of God. He then went to the feet of God. God said – wait I made you, it’s all right. Guru and God

You have come at my feet. But I have a system of justice here. If you have done well, done good deeds, then you will get heaven. Will get liberation. Will get a good birth. A good vagina will be found. Guru and God


But if you have come to do bad deeds, then there is a provision of punishment in me. Penalty will be met. Eighty-four million people will be misled. Then you will get stuck, then your soul will suffer. Guru and God

Then hell will be found, and you will get stuck. But this is a guru, it is very naive …. went near it, at its feet first …. So whatever you are, whichever way you are … it will embrace you. And you will be purified and placed at my feet… where the prize is the prize. This is the reason that the Guru never shuns anyone ….. The Guru fosters ….. Whoever meets … embraces him … He does it well … and send it to the feet of God gives…

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