If the Brahmin walks firmly on his karmpath, then the Dev Shakti walks with him!


When Akbar saw a Brahmin begging in a pathetic condition, he satirically said to Birbal – ‘Birbal! These are your Brahmins! Those who are known as Brahma Devta. They are beggars.

Birbal did not say anything at that time. But when Akbar went to the palace, Birbal came back and asked the Brahmin why he was begging?
The Brahmin said – I do not have money, jewelery, land and I am not very educated either. Therefore, begging for family nutrition is my helplessness.

Birbal asked – How much does one receive in a day from begging?
The Brahmin replied – six to eight Ashfariyas.
Birbal said – ‘If you get some work, will you stop asking for alms?’

The Brahmin asked – ‘What do I have to do?
Birbal said – You have to bathe in Brahmamuhurta and wear clean clothes and chant 101 Mala Gayatri Mantra daily and for this you will get 10 Ashrafis as a gift.

The Brahmin accepted Birbal’s proposal. From the next day the Brahmin stopped begging and started chanting Gayatri Mantra with great reverence and in the evening would return to his home with 10 Ashrafis as a gift. After seeing the true reverence and lagna of the Brahmin, Birbal increased both the number of Gayatri Mantra and the number of Ashrafis after a few days.

Now, due to the power of Gayatri Mantra, the Brahmin is not worried about hunger, thirst and physical illness. Due to Gayatri Mantra chanting, his face started shining. People’s attention started getting attracted to the Brahmin. The audience saw him and started offering sweets, fruits, money, clothes. Now he did not even need the Ashrafis from Birbal. Even now the Brahmin has no attraction to the things which have been paid with reverence. With just devotion and heart, he started getting absorbed in Gayatri chanting.


The news of chanting Gayatri of the Brahmin saint started spreading all around. He started coming to see devotees from far away. Devotees built temples and ashrams in a Brahmin’s tapasthali. Akbar also got the news of the fame of Brahmin’s tenacity. The emperor also decided to go for darshan and with royal gifts, he went to meet the saint with Birbal in the majestic chicbat. After reaching there, he offered the royal Bheant and bowed to the Brahmin. Emerging from the visions of such a bright saint, the king came out with Birbal with a happy heart.

Then Birbal asked – Do you know this saint?
Akbar said – No, Birbal, I have met him for the first time today.
Then Birbal said – ‘Maharaj! You know it well This is the same beggar Brahmin on whom you satirically said that these are your Brahmins! Who are called Brahma Gods?

Today you yourself have come to the head of the same Brahmin. Akbar’s surprise is not limited. Asked Birbal – but how did this change so big?
Birbal said – ‘Maharaj! He is basically a Brahmin. Circumstantly he was far from the truth and powers of his religion. A Gayatri Mantra of religion turned Brahman into a true ‘Brahman’ and forced the emperor to fall at his feet.

This is the effect of Brahmin subordinate mantras. This rule applies equally to all Brahmins. Because Brahmins are living away from postures and asceticism, that is why they are suffering. Presently it is required that all Brahmins rejoin their karma, know and observe their rites. In the original Brahmarupa, the one who has the ability to dissolve is the Brahmin.

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