“Because today she is at home !!!”


Got out to go home. Troubled and distracted, he reached Sabzi Mandi and bought some vegetables.

Today it was late, so the idea of ​​reaching home and making khichdi or maggi was going on. Not a single cloth was washed last week, so I was rubbing the same paint for 5-6 days.

Handed the bag hanging on the shoulder with one hand and holding the bag of milk in the other hand reached home with sweaty face. Wanted to open the gate of the gate, saw it, had been clambering all over, the lock was open. Something worried.

As soon as I entered the house, I felt as if I have come to heaven. Doubtful that someone has come to someone else’s house? Silently went to the inside room. When the freeze opened, the inner coolness hit the face. There was pickle in the corner. Methi’s dish was finely and neatly chopped. In the morning there was no place to keep a biscuit packet in the freeze, the whole freeze was full and now look, the place was clean and clean. Gently brought the vegetables kept in the freeze.

The water tank in the corner, which had not seen the mouth of the water for a week now, was glowing full. Just then noticed that the scent of incense sticks was also going on behind, making the mind happy.

He remembered to hang his bag in a chair and, having left his towel on the bed in the morning, he was hanging dry on the wire outside the window and not there. Opened the pall of the cupboard which had unclothed clothes, but now all the washes were arranged, washed and ironed.

In the morning, a handkerchief was not giving together and now, the handkerchief was placed on the clean handkerchief inside. In the morning, if the pair of Sox were not found, they had gone out wearing socks of different design, but now all the Sox were smiling at me at one place. Red, yellow, blue shirts hung on the fine hangar. (SHE)


Slowly sitting in front of the TV, the TV on which the layers of dust had settled, was now shining and the pictures were clearly visible on the screen. When thirsty, the water reached the kitchen, the kitchen, which was filled with garlic, onion and no matter what kind of smell, was smelling from the aroma of the food that aroused the appetite. (SHE)

Flowing in emotions, came out and sat in a chair in front of the TV and closed his eyes and started thinking. Then opened his eyes and took a tweezers on his own arm, whether all these dreams are there. Then someone put a plate of hot pakoras and steam tea on the table in front. The inner core was dismantled like a jar. When I used to get tired, like how yogurt used to live on rice and today was enjoying delicious steaming tea and hot pakoras. Despite not wanting, two drops of tears came out of the eyes and flowed down the cheeks. Then I felt myself in support …..

“Because today she is at home !!!”

He is the provider of all the happiness and prosperity of the world.
Mother for someone
Someones wife,
Someone’s sister,
Someone has a daughter.

No matter how big you are, great, but for a happy life in one form or another, a woman is very important in your life.

In any form, however, it makes the house a home, it is a house with four walls, when it has relationships, family, it becomes a home. If you are reading and remembering all the ties (mother, sister, daughter, wife, daughter-in-law), my request is just to understand the importance of that woman’s relationship, give them respect, respect and affection.

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