Always Thank

Always Thank Your Boss, Your Master, Every Time and Every Moment

Always Thank

There was a bird that lived in the desert, very sick, no wings, nothing to eat and drink, no shelter to live. One day a pigeon was passing by, the sick and grieving bird stopped the pigeon and asked- “Where are you going? He replied-” I am going to heaven. “, How long will my agony end? The pigeon said- “I will definitely find out.” The pigeon reached heaven and conveyed the sick bird’s message to the angel. Always Thank

It is written that the pigeon said that you can suggest a solution for this. The angel replied-” Ask him to keep speaking this sentence … “God Thankful for all. “. On returning, when he met the sick bird pigeon again, the pigeon gave the message of that angel. Seven- After eight days, when the pigeon was passing by again, he saw that the bird was very happy, feathers had grown on his body. Always Thank

There was a small plant in that desert area, there was also a small pond of water. The pigeon was astonished. The angel had said that there would be no happiness for the bird for the coming seven years. Keeping this question in mind, the pigeon reached the angel at the gate of heaven. The pigeon asked the angel to raise questions When asked about the solution, the angel replied- “Yes .. !!”It is true that no joy was written in the life of the bird for seven years, but because the bird was in every situation “thank God for all this.” Always Thank

As he was speaking and thanking God, his life changed.” His life changed as he was speaking and thank God. When the bird fell on the hot sand, he said- “Thank God for all this.” When it could not fly, he said- “Thank God for all this.” When he felt thirsty and there was no water around, he said- “Thank God for all this.” Whatever the situation, the bird kept repeating “Thank God for all of this.” And so the seven years ended in seven days.


When I heard this story, I felt a tremendous change in the way I felt, accepted, and looked at my life .. I embraced it in my life “Thank God for all of this.” , Helped shift my life, which I do not have. “For example” If my head hurts I feel like the rest of my body is perfectly fine and healthy and I say- “Thank God for all of this” and I think the headache bothers me at all. does not. Always Thank

In the same way, I started using the finances of my relationships (whether family, friends, neighbors, co-workers), social life, business, and everything that I can relate with whom I came in contact with, I Shared the story with everyone, and this story also brought a big change in their behavior. Shukra of this God had a really profound effect on my life, I started feeling how blessed I am, how happy I am, how good life is. Always Thank

How powerful it can reshape our lives, so be thankful and see a change in your attitude.

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