A Beautiful Example of Controlling Anger!




A heartfelt anecdote narrated by a lawyer.
“I was sitting in my chamber, a man entered inside with a shout. A bundle of paper in his hand, a sun-blackened face, a grown beard, white clothes with mud-covered with panache. (Anger)

he said,

“Have to stay on his entire flat. Tell me, what paper is needed? What will be the cost.?”

I told them to sit,

“Ragghu, pani de hodar” I called.

He sat on the chair.

I saw all his papers. Took all the information from them. Half a quarter of an hour passed. “I look at these papers. You will consider your case. You do that, Baba, meet me on Saturday.” (Anger)

Four days later he came again. Same clothes.

Looked very desperate.

His brother was very angry. I told them to sit. He sat down. A strange silence was echoing in the office.

I started talking “Baba, I saw all your papers. Both of you brothers, one sister. The parents passed away as a child. You passed ninth. Younger brother. You said that you left school to study for younger brother. In the fields of logos Worked on a daily basis. You never got enough food and a lot of food. But I did not let the money go down for my brother’s studies. ” (Anger)

“Once, while playing, a bull was pierced by an ox. Your brother was bled. Then you took him on the shoulder and took him to the hospital 5 km away. To see if you were not old enough to understand, but in the brother, Your life was settled. After the parents, I was their parents… This feeling was in your mind. ” (Anger)

“Then your brother was able to get admission in a good college in engineering. Your heart was full of joy. Then you worked hard. You did one day and night to pay the annual fee of 80,000. Mortgages of wife’s jewelry, Sometimes, by taking money from Savarkar, you fulfilled his every need. ”

“Then suddenly he started having kidney problems. He came to the hospital, Dev Bhagwan, the doctor asked him to take out the kidneys. You gave him your kidneys in the next minute.” Tomorrow you have to become an officer, do a job, where will you go? Take a sick body. I have to live in the village, a kidney is also just me. Having given it to him, I gave him the kidney. ” (Anger)

“Then the brother went to stay at the hostel for the masters. Make laddus, go to give, ready to eat corn in the field, go to give it to brother, have some Teej festival, do clothes to brother. Hostel 25 kilometers from home. You can give him a bicycle. Went on. You hand-fed the first brother. ”

“Then that master passed, you fed the village food. Then he got married. You went there just in time. His college girl who was very beautiful in appearance.

Brother got a job, he got married 3 years ago, now your burden was going to be lighter. ”


“Someone caught sight of this love of yours. After marriage, the brother stopped coming. When asked, he says I have pledged to his wife. The house does not pay money, it is said that the loan is on the head. Last year the city I bought a flat. When asked where the money came from, I have said that I have taken a loan. I refuse, brother, you do not know anything, you are completely dead. Now your brother wants to sell half of the village and give it money Give. ” (Anger)

Saying this, I stopped. Raghu brought a cup of tea to my mouth.

“You want your brother to give a stay on his flat by not giving it what he asked for. Is that what you want?”

He immediately said, “Yes.”

I said,

“We can take a stay. We can also ask for a share in brother’s property.”


You will not get the blood that you have shed for him.

You will not get the given kidney back,

The life you have spent for her will also not be returned.

I think the price of that flat is zero in front of all these things. The brother’s intention reverberated, he went his way. Now don’t you go down the same ungrateful street. ”

“That beggar turned out,

You were hearty.

Be hearty… ..

Your hand was up

Keep it up

Instead of doing court in Kacheri, teach children to write.

Your brother got upset after studying;

This means that even children will do so. (Anger)

He stared at my mouth. He stood up, picked up all the papers, and wiped his eyes, and said, “Let me go, lawyer.” His cry was feet and he was trying to make me not see him.

This thing has passed for a long time. Yesterday he suddenly came to my office. Her white was peeping into Kalmo. There was a young man together. Handbag (Anger)

I said, “Baba, sit down.”

He said, “Lawyer sir, I have not come to sit. I have come to feed sweets. This is my son, who lives in Bangalore, came to the village yesterday. Now I have built a three-storey house there. I bought 10–12 acres of farmland with little tax.” I could feel the pleasure dripping from his face.

“Lawyer sir, you told me, don’t get caught up in Court Kacheri. Everyone in the village was instigating me against my brother. I listened to you, not him. I put my children on the line and my life behind my brother Do not let it go to waste. Yesterday, brother also came and touched his feet. Forgive me and say that. ” (Anger)

My hand’s peda remained in my hand. My tears have finally dripped. …

If anger is diverted in a worthy direction, there is no need to repent.
Well, I read this story for myself.

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